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MW Testimonials

Transformative Process

Phyllis Bala


"Phyllis Bala is a gifted medical intuitive and spiritual guide who helped me cope with a life approach and serious and frightening medical issues.

I have been blessed to participate for the last two years in a unique Medicine Wheel program led by Phyllis.  As part of medicine wheel, I have meet with Phyllis in a group, one on one, and also in relationship counseling.

Medicine Wheel classes have been a powerful form of personal support as I have journeyed through several life changing events.  Classes have been a poignant reminder to tap into Nature’s wisdom, and find strength through our ancestors. 

As our family learns to cope with life changes, (serious illness, death, children leaving home),
I am ever grateful for the possibilities Phyllis helps me see, when I cannot see a way forward.
She reminds me to touch the healing part of myself and connect to nature through my ancestors.

Medicine Wheel started with each person creating a physical picture of where we came from - our ancestors -where we are now, where we want to be, how we want to feel.  The focused time to mindfully reflect on our actions and thoughts, and how they affect our world and The World, facilitated through the Medicine Wheel program, has been personally transformative.  When dealing with pain, Phyllis’s suggestions and techniques have been spot on, and straight to the point, as she has guided and taught us in medicine wheel.  I am very grateful to be part of this transformative process."

- Catherine Paine