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MW Testimonials

New Vision

Phyllis Bala

New Vision

I was standing at a precipice. I could no longer repeat the same exhausted patterns. I needed a new vision.

One of the most vital lessons I have learned so far from Medicine Wheel is how language shapes and forms reality. Exploring my inner landscape through the visualizations, I was able to see the trap doors and false exits that are in place to distract and disconnect from heart-centered communication.

Medicine wheel offers a template of how to be in active relationship with the world; how to negotiate, listen with compassion and stand firmly rooted in truth without judgement using non-violent communication. All stages of life and death are honored equally.

As a doctor of indigenous medicine, this is the true way of life for Phyllis. She is not a healer, but a powerful reflection. By engaging in reciprocal relationships with the ancestors, our use of language creates the opportunity for clearing old ancestral patterns that have lasted generations. As we acknowledge these patterns, we not only create healing for ourselves, we create healing for the world.

In deepest gratitude,

Lindsey Swords