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MW Testimonials

New Vision

Phyllis Bala

New Vision

I was standing at a precipice. I could no longer repeat the same exhausted patterns. I needed a new vision.

One of the most vital lessons I have learned so far from Medicine Wheel is how language shapes and forms reality. Exploring my inner landscape through the visualizations, I was able to see the trap doors and false exits that are in place to distract and disconnect from heart-centered communication.

Medicine wheel offers a template of how to be in active relationship with the world; how to negotiate, listen with compassion and stand firmly rooted in truth without judgement using non-violent communication. All stages of life and death are honored equally.

As a doctor of indigenous medicine, this is the true way of life for Phyllis. She is not a healer, but a powerful reflection. By engaging in reciprocal relationships with the ancestors, our use of language creates the opportunity for clearing old ancestral patterns that have lasted generations. As we acknowledge these patterns, we not only create healing for ourselves, we create healing for the world.

In deepest gratitude,

Lindsey Swords

Transformative Process

Phyllis Bala


"Phyllis Bala is a gifted medical intuitive and spiritual guide who helped me cope with a life approach and serious and frightening medical issues.

I have been blessed to participate for the last two years in a unique Medicine Wheel program led by Phyllis.  As part of medicine wheel, I have meet with Phyllis in a group, one on one, and also in relationship counseling.

Medicine Wheel classes have been a powerful form of personal support as I have journeyed through several life changing events.  Classes have been a poignant reminder to tap into Nature’s wisdom, and find strength through our ancestors. 

As our family learns to cope with life changes, (serious illness, death, children leaving home),
I am ever grateful for the possibilities Phyllis helps me see, when I cannot see a way forward.
She reminds me to touch the healing part of myself and connect to nature through my ancestors.

Medicine Wheel started with each person creating a physical picture of where we came from - our ancestors -where we are now, where we want to be, how we want to feel.  The focused time to mindfully reflect on our actions and thoughts, and how they affect our world and The World, facilitated through the Medicine Wheel program, has been personally transformative.  When dealing with pain, Phyllis’s suggestions and techniques have been spot on, and straight to the point, as she has guided and taught us in medicine wheel.  I am very grateful to be part of this transformative process."

- Catherine Paine

Arriving home

Phyllis Bala


"During my nine months in the Medicine Wheel Program, taught by Phyllis Bala at Sacred Ground, I learned how to connect with myself in a way that I was never able to before. She helped me to find my inner healer and this program was definitely a way to initiate an emotional and physical healing. I am so extremely grateful for being guided to Phyllis and Medicine Wheel and even more grateful for our one on ones, where we could go deeper into my individual needs and experiences. This program has given me family and a place to call home, in my heart and for my spirit. As well as a deeper connection with my own heritage in understanding my history and how it is connected to my ancestors.

I always feel like I arrive home when I enter Sacred Ground. I have met some amazing women who have been unconditionally supportive and have held space for me in such hard times emotionally. Phyllis and everyone who has attended Medicine Wheel have given me many mirrors to reflect and see my truth. Her teachings and her voice carry on inside of me and have helped immensely to lift my own voice out of the darkness so that I can hear myself and understand myself. And that blessing has carried out to my immediate family and close friends in my life.  

Phyllis’ guidance comes from her heart and her genuine nature from her spirit. A beautiful woman, mother, teacher, family and friend.  I couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful person to step into my life. There is no doubt in my mind, anyone seeking growth and connection with self and others that this program will be a catalyst in some way or another on whatever journey your life has led you. If you find yourself on the doorstep of Sacred Ground with Phyllis, you will enter a world of unending possibility and change and you will learn to love, feel and connect.

Thank you Phyllis for all that you do. Thank you Medicine Wheel, The Four Directions, and The Ancestors for helping me open my heart. Thank you for guiding me to my power and finding my fire as a woman; as a mother.

With so much love and respect,"

- Valerie Silva

Journey Through the Medicine Wheel

Phyllis Bala

"I recently finished my second 9 month Medicine Wheel course with Phyllis Bala. It has been a wonderful experience.  I have learned in an organic, indigenous way, by stories and paths, lovingly laid out by Phyllis.  I have learned to go inside for answers, rather then seek from outside sources. I have experienced healing that knows no bounds of time. I have met and held counsel with my grandmothers and grandfathers from countless generations. I have found kinship with other students and places within my community. Too many things to write and say have I learned, but here is a taste of what one could find on a journey through the Medicine Wheel."

- M Rising


Standing Strong

Phyllis Bala

"During the nine month medicine wheel program lead by Phyllis Bala at Sacred Ground I learned many things about my self, and a way to stand strong in my beliefs and connection with nature and plants as my teachers. I learned to speak of what I need in a productive way using non-violent communication techniques. I learned to sit with plants and feel their teachings through out my body. To have the knowledge to know that what I was feeling is real and to go deep within myself and trust the process. I was grabbed by the tree of life and continue to honor and embrace its teachings and stand tall with dignity and respect"

- Hannah Rizzo