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Little Bear's Purring Vibrations

Phyllis Bala


"My name is Little Bear because when I was little my first human Mother Tara thought I looked like a baby Polar Bear, even though she first named me Rhythm.  I am a wise 15 and three quarter years old Welsh Pixie Bobcat, with 6 toes on each paw, so my feet are like a bobcat's, mitten shaped.   I want to tell you about the amazing healing work that I have done with Phyllis Bala and my human Mother Sally. 

Sally and I connected from the first day we met when she used a picture to communicate with me before she picked me up to carry me in her arms outside and down to her bedroom for the first time - I was 7 yrs old then, in my prime.   Now she understands from her work with Phyllis that we can can do much more together.  She can tell me everything and give me the information I need to make my own decisions about my cat-lives.  

Of course, the basis for all the healing we have experienced and generated under Phyllis' clear guidance, has been based on our love for each other and having our hearts open.  We respectfully request and then receive the guidance, support and expertise of generations of all our Ancestors.  

Now Sally sees that she can understand what I am saying to her and what I am asking for with my body language.  She just needs to be centered and calm and open and present, which Phyllis has been helping her to be.  I have taught Sally about sensitivity and grace and sensual pleasure and mutual respect and patience and good naturedness.  Now, under Phyllis' powerful and graceful tutelage, I am helping her see how we can both heal ourselves and each other.

In September 2017, Phyllis gave me and Sally an astounding detailed and clear medical diagnosis, accurately 'reading' my condition from a distance following a simple procedure at the veterinary office, that went wrong and gave me a serious stroke.  I could not even walk.  Together, Sally and Phyllis explained to me that I was just injured, not dying.  I really needed to know that, in order to have the confidence to get better again.  I did heal quite quickly, as, being a cat and in the nature of all members of my Cat Family, even my purring vibrations provided powerful healing energy in my body.  

Since then, I have been looking over at t'other side of the Veil of Mystery, having a peek now and then, just to see what it’s like.  I still feel alive to the call of the wild, the sound of the wind in the redwoods, the cheerful chirps of birds on our deck, and the scents left each night by my wilder neighbors and of course, to my darling Mother, Sally. "   - Little Bear