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Ginger's Recovery

Phyllis Bala

Allow me to introduce my four-legged client, Miss Ginger. Out of respect, I think it’s important to treat each 4-legged patient with dignity and not always with familiarity. Each is their own unique individual, you know. Miss Ginger is highly sensitive , deeply curious and extremely polite as a Southern Belle.

She is able to respond well to her own systems changing quickly, because she follows the cues of sound interpretation within her nervous system. So for Miss Ginger, healing is like dancing to her own internal waltz.

After her lengthy treatment, I heard Miss Ginger question me about peanut butter.“Peanut Butter?” I repeated incredulously, looking quizzically at her mom, “Yes, you got it,“ Ginger interjected. “What does anything have to do with Peanut Butter?” I asked, feeling confused. “Well! Mz. M, Ginger’s mom, fairly laughed out loud, “Peanut Butter is ONLY her MOST FAVORITE food!”

Well, not having grown up with furry animals, I had thought peanut butter could kill a dog, because I had heard a story about that, and I’ve never forgotten. I was so shocked to hear Mz. M, talk about how much our Miss Ginger LOVED peanut butter. Miss Ginger sat in my lap looking quizzically up at me, waiting politely and very, very patiently. Oh, my gosh! I remembered I had just bought a jar of organic peanut butter a couple days ago. She clearly knew I had her coveted treat! Happily, she ate her treats by the spoonful to her heart’s content.

Mz. M, Ginger’s dedicated 2-Legged Mom, is the voice of Miss Ginger’s story.

"Shortly after receiving the Distemper vaccine, on September 14, 2015, I took my dog Ginger to the emergency vet for weird neurological symptoms. She was diagnosed with Granulomatous meningoencephalitis (GME). I was told that it was an autoimmune disorder with no known cure and that she would be on Prednisone for the rest of her life.

I brought her home after a weekend at the emergency vet and she was a zombie dog, her playful spirit gone, no more kisses or even eye contact. She would just stand in the corners of our house and stare off. My husband and I considered whether or not it was fair to keep her alive in such a state. We continued with the Prednisone and started with acupuncture therapy. We started to see improvements, she no longer stood in the corners of our house, she would respond to her name. But she still wasn't the Ginger I knew.

I decided to reached out to Phyllis at Sacred Ground. I had taken the Medicine Wheel course and knew that Phyllis loved working with animals.  It was a great decision. Phyllis was able see that Ginger's spirit was no longer inside of her body but hovering to the side because of the deep trauma to her system. Phyllis expressed that there was stuck energy and toxins within her brain and that the communication of nerve impulses was not running through out her spine as it should. Ginger and I sat with Phyllis and she lead me through an internal journey with Ginger's and my own ancestors.  It was a beautiful experience. By the end of the session Ginger was moving around Sacred Ground more embodied then I had seen her since the brain swelling.  Her whole stance was different and she made eye contact with me! I took her home that day amazed at the difference in her, but when my husband saw her, he was floored! "What happened to Ginger?" he had asked astonished. She had changed so quickly, we both couldn't believe the difference. That night we received the first kisses since she had been sick, she is quite the kisser!

From that day on she has only gotten better. She has fully recovered to the dog that we know and love and after less then 1 year!
Thank you Phyllis! "

- M Rising