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Little Bear's Purring Vibrations

Phyllis Bala


"My name is Little Bear because when I was little my first human Mother Tara thought I looked like a baby Polar Bear, even though she first named me Rhythm.  I am a wise 15 and three quarter years old Welsh Pixie Bobcat, with 6 toes on each paw, so my feet are like a bobcat's, mitten shaped.   I want to tell you about the amazing healing work that I have done with Phyllis Bala and my human Mother Sally. 

Sally and I connected from the first day we met when she used a picture to communicate with me before she picked me up to carry me in her arms outside and down to her bedroom for the first time - I was 7 yrs old then, in my prime.   Now she understands from her work with Phyllis that we can can do much more together.  She can tell me everything and give me the information I need to make my own decisions about my cat-lives.  

Of course, the basis for all the healing we have experienced and generated under Phyllis' clear guidance, has been based on our love for each other and having our hearts open.  We respectfully request and then receive the guidance, support and expertise of generations of all our Ancestors.  

Now Sally sees that she can understand what I am saying to her and what I am asking for with my body language.  She just needs to be centered and calm and open and present, which Phyllis has been helping her to be.  I have taught Sally about sensitivity and grace and sensual pleasure and mutual respect and patience and good naturedness.  Now, under Phyllis' powerful and graceful tutelage, I am helping her see how we can both heal ourselves and each other.

In September 2017, Phyllis gave me and Sally an astounding detailed and clear medical diagnosis, accurately 'reading' my condition from a distance following a simple procedure at the veterinary office, that went wrong and gave me a serious stroke.  I could not even walk.  Together, Sally and Phyllis explained to me that I was just injured, not dying.  I really needed to know that, in order to have the confidence to get better again.  I did heal quite quickly, as, being a cat and in the nature of all members of my Cat Family, even my purring vibrations provided powerful healing energy in my body.  

Since then, I have been looking over at t'other side of the Veil of Mystery, having a peek now and then, just to see what it’s like.  I still feel alive to the call of the wild, the sound of the wind in the redwoods, the cheerful chirps of birds on our deck, and the scents left each night by my wilder neighbors and of course, to my darling Mother, Sally. "   - Little Bear


Ginger's Recovery

Phyllis Bala

Allow me to introduce my four-legged client, Miss Ginger. Out of respect, I think it’s important to treat each 4-legged patient with dignity and not always with familiarity. Each is their own unique individual, you know. Miss Ginger is highly sensitive , deeply curious and extremely polite as a Southern Belle.

She is able to respond well to her own systems changing quickly, because she follows the cues of sound interpretation within her nervous system. So for Miss Ginger, healing is like dancing to her own internal waltz.

After her lengthy treatment, I heard Miss Ginger question me about peanut butter.“Peanut Butter?” I repeated incredulously, looking quizzically at her mom, “Yes, you got it,“ Ginger interjected. “What does anything have to do with Peanut Butter?” I asked, feeling confused. “Well! Mz. M, Ginger’s mom, fairly laughed out loud, “Peanut Butter is ONLY her MOST FAVORITE food!”

Well, not having grown up with furry animals, I had thought peanut butter could kill a dog, because I had heard a story about that, and I’ve never forgotten. I was so shocked to hear Mz. M, talk about how much our Miss Ginger LOVED peanut butter. Miss Ginger sat in my lap looking quizzically up at me, waiting politely and very, very patiently. Oh, my gosh! I remembered I had just bought a jar of organic peanut butter a couple days ago. She clearly knew I had her coveted treat! Happily, she ate her treats by the spoonful to her heart’s content.

Mz. M, Ginger’s dedicated 2-Legged Mom, is the voice of Miss Ginger’s story.

"Shortly after receiving the Distemper vaccine, on September 14, 2015, I took my dog Ginger to the emergency vet for weird neurological symptoms. She was diagnosed with Granulomatous meningoencephalitis (GME). I was told that it was an autoimmune disorder with no known cure and that she would be on Prednisone for the rest of her life.

I brought her home after a weekend at the emergency vet and she was a zombie dog, her playful spirit gone, no more kisses or even eye contact. She would just stand in the corners of our house and stare off. My husband and I considered whether or not it was fair to keep her alive in such a state. We continued with the Prednisone and started with acupuncture therapy. We started to see improvements, she no longer stood in the corners of our house, she would respond to her name. But she still wasn't the Ginger I knew.

I decided to reached out to Phyllis at Sacred Ground. I had taken the Medicine Wheel course and knew that Phyllis loved working with animals.  It was a great decision. Phyllis was able see that Ginger's spirit was no longer inside of her body but hovering to the side because of the deep trauma to her system. Phyllis expressed that there was stuck energy and toxins within her brain and that the communication of nerve impulses was not running through out her spine as it should. Ginger and I sat with Phyllis and she lead me through an internal journey with Ginger's and my own ancestors.  It was a beautiful experience. By the end of the session Ginger was moving around Sacred Ground more embodied then I had seen her since the brain swelling.  Her whole stance was different and she made eye contact with me! I took her home that day amazed at the difference in her, but when my husband saw her, he was floored! "What happened to Ginger?" he had asked astonished. She had changed so quickly, we both couldn't believe the difference. That night we received the first kisses since she had been sick, she is quite the kisser!

From that day on she has only gotten better. She has fully recovered to the dog that we know and love and after less then 1 year!
Thank you Phyllis! "

- M Rising


Miss Luseal's Story

Phyllis Bala

Dear Friends, Neighbors and Supporters of Sacred Ground,
For nearly 30 years, I have included large and small animals as patients in my practice of indigenous doctoring. Yet, this is the first time I have asked if the family would be interested in sharing the story of their pet’s experience. Thank you to such a kind and generous family for sharing here with all of us.  I invite everyone to gather ‘round to listen' ...and I am honored to introduce the adorable Miss Luseal through the story written by her very proud 2 legged mom….

"I am so thankful to finally have an ally for my four-legged best friend Luseal. Luseal is 12 years old.  She has been run through tests and surgeries from almost every veterinarian we have visited, starting when she was about 12 weeks old.  

At 12 weeks she was throwing up convulsively and unable to keep any food or water down.  So like good, new puppy parents we took her to the vet.  Instead of testing her for Parvo virus, they decided she must have a toy lodged in her stomach.  They sent her into surgery and needless to say she was still very sick afterwards.  They told us to take her to the emergency vet and within five minutes we found out she had Parvo. It’s a virus that affects the intestines with about a 91% mortality rate in untreated dogs. She stayed at the emergency vet for a week.  Since then she has suffered from stomach problems throwing up and drinking excessive amounts of water.

Two years ago the water consumption and constant vomiting had me more concerned with her getting older. Once again, I took her to the vet who ran tests and could find nothing. Maybe it was Crohn’s disease, but to figure that out it would cost about another $600 in tests, with a chance the tests might not be correct.  The medicine is also very expensive so I decided to not do the test.

A year later, I met Phyllis Bala and Luseal’s symptoms had been acting up again.  Phyllis told me she had been doing more work with animals, so me and Luseal made an appointment. We drove out from Petaluma to Sacred Ground in Occidental.  The whole time I was convinced that she was going to tell me Luseal was on her way out, which thankfully was not the case. As it turns out, without knowing Luseal’s medical background, Phyllis described the energy of a virus she felt in Luseal’s system. Luseal still had some of the Parvo virus active in her (for 12 years!). We immediately got Luseal some pro-biotics in her system (Primal Defense, Garden of Life) and have continued to give her the equivalent of four capsules a day mixed into food.  Phyllis also sensed energetically that Luseal had some nervous system issues going on. Phyllis asked if I would be interested in her coaching me how to work with Luseal myself!  I felt curious and interested so she guided as we worked energetically with Lu’s bone marrow and flooded everything with light.  She described what she saw as Luseal's nervous system and vascular system came unblocked, regenerated and reintegrated energetically.

At home, Luseal has been much more at ease, resting and is no longer constantly hungry.  She seems so much more relaxed. Her coat color improved and my family all keeps commenting on how great she looks! Her movements are much more fluid and not stiff like she had been. And some puppy energy was back in her when we got home…I found her on the kitchen table! She is feeling great! It has given me such peace of mind to finally know what was wrong with her and be able to help her in the many ways she has needed. 

Two weeks later we came for our follow up. Phyllis could no longer detect any viral issues in her (ya!).  She continued coaching so we could work energetically and with non-verbal communication skills, helping to tone, support and integrate Luseal’s nervous and vascular systems.  Phyllis also described restoring one of Luseal’s subtle energy bodies that had been displaced for quite some time.  Luseal also has many fatty bumps on her body, which are lessening after the vascular work we did and her circulation continues to improve. Her mind and heart are at ease and she is finally able to let go and relax.  The awful gas she was experiencing is now non-existent.  Her hind legs are now working together as well.  No more Lu falling up or down the stairs!

It is so amazing to have someone be the voice for my best friend!  I am so fortunate to be able to make sure the last years of Luseal’s life are the best. Knowing she is comfortable is such a relief. The grief and guilt of not being able to help her for so many years is gone.  Now I know she can age gracefully in our home, while enjoying an improved quality of life energy. "
- Hannah Rizzo