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Medicine Wheel

Medicine Wheel Program is an open invitation for you to go within yourself, experiencing who you are through the heart intelligence of your nature-as-elements and your ancestors as cells.  This is a program that begins where you're at and helps you explore and develop the steps you choose to take, to create the small daily changes, which can steadily lead to integrating improvements into the life & health you envision.

Medicine Wheel Programs


Medicine Wheel Programs For Women: 9 months.

Meet: One day per month on a Saturday OR Sunday

Time: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. 

Dates are determined collectively, at our one group organizational meeting. This date is emailed to you, after a registration form is completed.

Medicine Wheel Program (MWP) is an open invitation for you to go within yourself. Experience your interior as a sacred landscape and your nature, expressing as the elements of earth, air, fire, water & ethers--alive with their ancient wisdom and knowledge you've inherited from earth and ancestors.

Come explore with us the ancient and sacred architecture you hold within. Your sacred architecture of the divine feminine, hidden in plain sight, and your communities of ancestors never been explored in this way, They await your attention and discovery.  

From these places of power within you, lie the secrets of the ancients. Open your untapped resources of empowerment, healing, confidence, internal leadership abilities, a wealth of hidden gifts and talents and unlimited resources.

In the Medicine Wheel Program I apply and teach from the principles of communication I use in medical settings.  Heart centered communication iin medicine, is documented through lab work, medical imaging and positive health outcomes.  Practicing the principles of opening the heart intelligence of cells, can cause rare and dramatic physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing to occur when needed.

Welcome, to a new world of humans reconnecting body, mind, soul and spirit to nature--our vital energies and our amazing Earth!


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