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Sacred Ground Journal. Thoughts on life.

Aloha to our visitors at Sacred Ground Occidental

Phyllis Bala

I deeply appreciate and am grateful for your interest and participation throughout the summer.  I have enjoyed getting to know you more and your responses to the gatherings in Occidental have been heart-warming, delightful, helpful and supportive.

I would like to continue hosting our network times every 3rd Wednesday at 6 pm at Sacred Ground in Occidental.  In addition, I am offering a "movie special" after we share a topic of interest at the networking.  Movies will include topics related to health & healing/spirituality/earth medicines/indigenous ways and more.  I look forward to seeing you there.  

As we return to our schedules as summer makes her transition into the season closer to the Ancestors, I want to honor the Pacific island of Guam and the Chamorro people of my Great Grandfather Pedro Malijen. Here is the prayer:

Plaque Honoring Guam’s Ancestors AtTomhum: 
The Spanish/Chamorro Wars

Here lie the remains of Chamorros
From times past
Ancestors who have bequeathed life and spirit
To those who have followed them
We carry that spirit now
And into times yet to come
At this place let us remember
Those who came before
Honor their remains
And resolve to honor their spirit
By our actions now
And through the challenges of our future.

You can read a related article I posted on Sacred Ground Occidental FaceBook
Hope to see you every 3rd Wednesday evening at 6 pm, for networking, movie, drumming and to talk story.