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Sacred Ground Journal. Thoughts on life.

Pink Clouds

Phyllis Bala

On Wednesday I was at the Russian River with friends I hadn't seen in a long time. It was early evening when I joined them. Sun was just beginning to set casting a pink glow through eerily shaped clouds. With every passing moment deepening pink spread further across the horizon, gracing a deep green backdrop of pristine, breathing forest, rising high above the Russian River, bringing magical dimension to its flowing curves.

We stood in awe of vibrant deep pink sunset bleeding through tight, rigidly formed, tightly spaced cloud cover. We drank in the beauty of the evening, with one of their children exclaiming we were here during a blessing.

I searched for my new meaning of blessing, standing below the toxic mess of poisoned "clouds" drenched in pink. It's a new phenomenon I experience each sunset I see that colors the poisons in our skies pink. A palette of crazy colors in my heart painting what I witness with deepest sad, a streak of mad, a wash of deep disappointment, blazing resentment and loss of our Mother responses of Nature.

Grateful & appreciative I was for such stunning beauty of my Russian River landscape. With feet in cooling waters, enjoying my friends & moments of blessing that end-of-day generously provides, I pushed back the feeling of impending consequences of regrettable human folly to outwit & outpower our Great Mother Nature. 

In Peace and with love, I invite the heart intelligence of the poisons above us and below us to open.  Your essences I pray back into the Heart & body of our Great Mother.  Our Earth.  And so it is within me.

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