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HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!  Here's wishing you a very special year of health, well-being and deep connection to your heart, mind, spirit & healthy quality of life.

This is the official calendar for January & February 2017, Introduction to the Medicine Wheel Program many of you have requested.  I'm grateful for your interest and look forward to exploring, discovering & connecting with you & our beautiful elders we call Nature & Ancestors.

Medicine Wheel Program For Women is 9 months.

It meets one day per month on a Saturday or Sunday, from 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. (dates to be determined)

Medicine Wheel Program (MWP) is an open invitation for you to go within yourself, experiencing who you are through the heart intelligence of your nature-as-elements and your ancestors as cells.  This is a progam that begins where you're at and helps you explore and develop the steps you choose to take, to create the small daily changes, which can steadily lead to integrating improvements into the life & health you envision.

You receive a 4 hour assessment to help you choose your path in the program.  

Twice a month, you receive a minimum of 30 minutes one-on-one integration session with me, to help keep you on track.  You are responsible for making the appointments that fit your schedule the best.

Are you ready to experience your more hidden nature that can light up your inner life in ways you never imagined?  You're invited to explore 50 trillion cells as your Ancestors, who live in 'intentional communities' called your organ systems.  Long ago, they  made a spiritual commitment to help create your world--your body and keep it up and running--done for you--as it were. They have the wisdom & knowledge to assist you in profoundly helpful, mysterious and healing ways through these times.  They participate according to your sacred invitation in a beauty way only, across 20 thousand generations within you and outside of you in the environment we call Nature.

In our challenging & stress filled world, this offers a way for you to 'come in from the cold', locate an inner place of reference that feels safe, spacious, inviting, supportive and sacred.  This is a program that is all about coming home to the best of who you truly are, opening the gifts you've inherited from your Ancestors, gaining a working knowledge of your sacred architecture within--called anatomy, to activate and balance your own elements (earth, air, fire, water, ethers), while remaining connected to and participating in life as a vital part of nature.

In the MWP, you can practice principles of communication I've mastered as a Doctor of Indigenous Medicine while working with patients in hospitals. This direct feedback from 30 years of using these communication principles, has proven its value that can be seen through medical imaging, lab tests, positive and healing health outcomes and dramatic improvements in the client's quality of life.  

Honest and compassionate communication that we give to the world hidden within ourselves, can then resonate more deeply into all the sectors of our internal and private lives.  We venture into our own sacred, mysterious world within, helping ourselves and inviting our ancestors to co-create a new paradigm, evolving our physical, mental, spiritual health, well-being, emotional equilibrium, and over-all quality of life. 

If you are interested in exploring the vast differences and adventures of living your life from the inside...out...welcome!  It's not 'just about you'--it's about 'all that you are'. It's not about controlling your life.  It's about having more choices, 'fitting in' to yourself, and being in command of your own heart, attitude and self-determination. 

I appreciate the time you took to read this.  Mahalo.