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Medicine Wheel Program Summer Immersion Field Trip Series

Register Now: 707 874-9116 Sacred Ground
Medicine Wheel Program Summer Immersion Field Trip Series

  • 5 Saturdays.
  • Begins July 30
  • 10 am - 3 pm
  • Carpooling Encouraged
  • $150 for the series or $45 per day

We meet up at Sacred Ground in Occidental at 9:30 to leave at 10 am sharp, returning at 3 pm.  Extra time allows for packing our cars and going over logistics & checking gear before departure.  More information given upon Registration.  Please call or make an appointment to come by.

The Medicine Wheel Program Summer Immersion Field Trip Series is all about traveling to beautiful, local places in nature and immersing ourselves in creating reciprocal relationships with our elders who are the vital energies residing in natural environments.  Since time immemorial, indigenous peoples around the world have understood the necessity of communing and communicating with nature spirits.  Nature spirits are the essential life energies and natural forces of the elements (earth, air, fire & water) 4 legged animals, winged creatures (butterflies, birds, bees and others) and little insects responsible for turning the soil of the earth, keeping it alive for us. Long ago, our tribal elders knew the importance of coexisting with all creatures & elements in their environments.  We also hold those memories in our cellular life.

Living in these times of dynamic earth changes and changing global weather patterns, can add to the stress of feeling helpless in the face of natural disasters and threatening weather patterns. Do we have a role to play, a positive influence to lend as Mother Nature seemingly has Her way with us?  How might we approach the different aspects of nature as our Elders, our relatives and our spiritual allies?  What difference, if any would it make in our personal lives, our communities, our regions, our world if we could create reciprocal relationships to nature?  What would it mean?  How do we cope with the myriad poisons raining down from the geo-engineering chemicals in the skies?  In the waters?  In the soils?

We cordially invite you to join us in the great outdoors of Sonoma County. Begin creating one of the most dynamic relationships with nature that you've ever imagined. The sky is NOT the limit and we can journey far beyond.  We have limitless capacities to create something better and something new that comes from within.  Experience for yourself what your ancestors knew long ago, and be ready to add your artistic communication style & sacred knowledge.  You've got it inside you to make anything possible!

Hope to see you at Sacred Ground.