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Sacred Ground News and Boot Camp Registration

Phyllis Bala


Aloha Friends of Sacred Ground~

Mahalo for taking time from your busy summer schedule to read some news from Sacred Ground.  I hope your summer time finds you out in nature reconnecting to the healing, playfulness & mysteries our beautiful earth can offer you.

Mastering Vaccine Info Boot Camp

A unique opportunity is about to open.  Registration for Boot Camp is just around the corner on July 20, 2018.   For those who can't register this summer, the next registration will be open in February 2019.  I sincerely hope you can make it.

This course offered by Dr. Sheri Tenpenny to provide you with vaccine information but also teaches you ways to protect yourself on-line, when you become more outspoken about vaccine facts & secrets.  Here is an excerpt from someone who enrolled previously:

Lynnie: “This is one of the BESTEST online course ever! We are being taught the history of vaccinations, how schedules came to be, what is exactly in each vaccine, “secrets” and “the whys” and “the hows” big pharma doesn’t want us to know…..[Thanks to Matt] We are learning how to make our points, even with hardcore pro-vaxxers….Personally, I have learned through various docu-series, other programs, books, summits, plus a crapload of my own research, but this course?? It comes with a WHOLE DIFFERENT perspective.”

I look forward to enrolling this month, as vaccinations for adults are most likely around the corner.  Please join me, as the course will not fail to help empower you during this vulnerable time we face.

Sacred Ground News

The mission here at Sacred Ground Community Education & Resource Center is two-fold:

First, we are proud to offer you some of the most current, factual and relevant resources for information.  We hope this helps lead you to reliable, holistic and preventative health measures, keeping you informed of new research and lesser known health movements on-line.  These sources of information provide education on less toxic methods of addressing a tsunami of modern medical issues of our time. 

Sacred Ground actively supports the dissemination of written information on important research & various forms of media contributed by well known, respected professionals, recognized pioneers and leaders in the fields of medicine, science, health and spirituality.  Information can be found here on our website and at Sacred Ground in Northern California in Occidental.  

On-line information & our lending library at Sacred Ground, include contributions from professionals I value for:

  • Accuracy of content
  • Maintaining ethical standards in health care
  • Preserving medical freedoms
  • Documenting the history, development and standards of western, allopathic medicine
  • Culturally relevant & ancient traditional branches of medicine around the world
  • Knowledge & wisdom of Indigenous technology, doctoring and medicine
  • Knowledge & wisdom of indigenous ways of knowing & learning
  • Scientific advances in medical technologies and breakthroughs

Professionals I showcase in Sacred Ground website, are all folks I trust, and who commit to going the extra distance supporting freedom to choose and are generous in heart & spirit.  They demonstrate through attitude and intention, the importance of living up to standards and ethics, no matter what the personal cost may be.

Secondly, our mission is to help you experience a way of opening the heart intelligence of your own heart and ancestors in your cells, across 20 thousand generations.  You can experience what it is to open to all the support, knowledge, wisdom teachings, blessings of strong health & prosperity that you never imagined possible.  We are here to help connect you to the secrets your ancestors hold within you.  This indigenous approach to epigenetics, can help you and the earth to heal as one.  It is your birthright and your responsibility to access this integrated way of healing--and much more.  Secrets to helping our earth to heal, actually begins within your own inner world and holds a wealth of healing gifts and talents, as well as ancestral inheritance you've never imagined possible.

We invite & welcome your participation.  It's always an honor to serve you.


Phyllis Bala
Doctor of Indigenous Medicine
Sacred Ground Community Education & Resource Center
Occidental, CA  95465  USA

Phone (landline)
(707) 874-9116

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P.O. Box 313
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