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Power of Language

Phyllis Bala


"Excommunicate Me From the Church of Social Justice": 

In the Medicine Wheel Program at Sacred Ground, there is a home practice that includes remembering to work with the power of language.  Choosing words that reflect truthful feelings helps to access the nervous system to maintain its functional integrity, allowing organ systems to receive more nerve supply and as a means of achieving the wholistic integration of the nervous system & its subsets.

Leaving one's inner location of the brain, is also a way of connecting more authentically to oneself first, while cultivating the ability to share our self-connect with others when speaking.  Cultivating words that describe awareness and ownership of feelings, offers transparency while engaging in self-trust and empowerment.   Stepping aside from words of judgment, blame and abstract talk, limits engaging in the inner turmoil created by words that continue to mask the fear of imperfection and lack of acceptance.  

A partial list of words to play with finding replacements for are: 

  • Good/Bad
  • Right/Wrong
  • Should/Try
  • Evil  

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