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Coconut Oil Research

Phyllis Bala


We are living in a time that calls us to participate fully in governing our own choices by showing up with loud voices, expressing our thoughts, opinions, needs and recommendations.  There is a plethora of credible scientific research done on the benefits of coconut oil.  This article deserves our attention and a fair read.

If you haven't learned of the history of how the public has been fooled by FDA regarding heart health and the fact their information has been proven a lie many years ago, then it's time for an update. The truth you discover can help improve your quality of life and your voice can help the public to continue having access to scientifically factual information and protect our freedom of choice.  I promise you, this fight is well worth it!  

In appreciation of your time.~Phyllis

Coconut Oil Research Dashboard

View GreenMedInfo's database on coconut oil - both the primary research and numerous studies, along with the health benefits. Learn more

As we just published, the fraudulent studies used to exonerate processed sugar and put the blame for heart disease and other diseases on saturated fat, is now being exposed.

The blood of millions of Americans who followed the advice from this faulty science used by the U.S. government now stains the hands of all those who corrupted the science, and the politicians who enforced it.

Time for the Public to Take a Stand?

Instead of opportunistic attorneys taking advantage of federal laws and guidelines used to attack companies selling healthy products, such as coconut oil, maybe it is time for the public to take their own legal action against those responsible for the major leading causes of death in the U.S. today which in large part is based on corrupt and faulty nutrition advice?

Contact us and join others who are tired of being lied to and taken advantage of by corporate interests and government corruption that takes no interest in protecting the public’s health.

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For additional research on the health benefits of coconut oil, visit our database on the subject.