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The American Patient Defense Union

Phyllis Bala


I'm signing this petition because it's long overdue that American patients need an agency to turn to in need.  American patients clearly require protection from needless suffering when ill, are well within their rights to have staunch allies when being bullied and threatened by the dominating force of the medical establishment. 

I've worked professionally in the field of medical advocacy for 30 years. I've seen my share of nightmares occurring in people's lives, who are not capable of standing up for themselves, as medical trauma ensues.  I can't think of a more vulnerable time during someone's life, when they are so frail and marginalized, it's often impossible to stand up against the corporate, medical beast, when something goes amiss.

Defending oneself against walls of corporate, Big Monied Agendas in Big Medicine, is often beyond the scope of a single patient or a "significant other" or a loyal family member advocating for the patient.  It's too often impossible to cope with the heavy burden of unwieldy tasks and energies within the belly of the medical beast.

Helping to establish "The American Patient Defense Union" in order to defend patients' rights, improving safety and quality of care in a clearly supportive, informed and empowered manner, is something I'm thoroughly invested in doing.

Thank you for caring and reading about this.  Please share this message far & wide, if it moves you to do so. 

~Phyllis Bala
Doctor of Indigenous Medicine

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