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Big Brother In Your Toy Box

Phyllis Bala

The following is a petition written by Julie M. for The Care2 Petitions Team. I’m so shocked to learn this and wanted to share with you all:

"What are you getting your loved ones for the holiday gift-giving season? Hopefully not a doll or robot toy made by Genesis Toys.
A consumer watchdog group says these toys spy on your children and record their conversations. They then upload the recordings to Nuance Communications, a voice technology company that has military, law enforcement and intelligence agencies as clients. Please sign my petition to put an end to this!
Privacy matters, period. I'll never forget how fundamentally violated I felt when a family member read my diary when I was 11! Anyone who has ever kept a journal, read George Orwell's "1984," or felt paranoid the NSA is reading their Facebook messages would understand, too. Privacy is an important and fundamental human right. The fact that this toy company is infringing on this right by targeting children is truly disturbing.
Please sign my petition to demand Genesis Toys cease production of the Orwellian My Friend Cayla doll and the i-Que robot toys.
Genesis Toys collects this information without prior warning or parental consent. At the very least, Genesis Toys should provide prior warning and obtain consent for the data collection, and stop the uploading information to Nuance Communications entirely. Numerous groups have filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, but I need your voice to tell this toy company the best thing to do is get Big Brother out of children's toy boxes ASAP, without a long legal battle."