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Ancient Bloodlines and Contemporary Power

Phyllis Bala

Professor Hamamoto Interviews Leuren Moret for a wide-ranging conversation that inspires a radically new understanding of world civilization and its current manifestations.

By remaining watchful of noDAPL Water Protectors in North Dakota, questions came up that I needed answers to.  Too many things were not making sense to me about the actions of ND local government and the action/inaction of President Obama.  

When chaos arises and there is so much at stake, we see the actions of infiltrators factoring in to the problem rather quickly.  The actions of the militarized police forces become brutal too quickly against our citizens.  It makes me wonder.  Too many hurtful, dangerous and life-threatening actions and exposures are happening across our nation.  When I really want and need the answers, they are indeed forthcoming.  Synchronicity prevails.  Now I have all the answers I need that make sense to me of our global crisis.  

I would like to share a history with you, shedding light on many new answers in a big picture sort of way.  Not everyone will be prepared for this information.  

There is also a great book recently released by Darrell Hamamoto, of UC Davis I highly recommend.

Let's go listen to the researchers who are also great risk takers on behalf of us all.