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MW Testimonials

Journey Through the Medicine Wheel

Phyllis Bala

"I recently finished my second 9 month Medicine Wheel course with Phyllis Bala. It has been a wonderful experience.  I have learned in an organic, indigenous way, by stories and paths, lovingly laid out by Phyllis.  I have learned to go inside for answers, rather then seek from outside sources. I have experienced healing that knows no bounds of time. I have met and held counsel with my grandmothers and grandfathers from countless generations. I have found kinship with other students and places within my community. Too many things to write and say have I learned, but here is a taste of what one could find on a journey through the Medicine Wheel."

- M Rising


Standing Strong

Phyllis Bala

"During the nine month medicine wheel program lead by Phyllis Bala at Sacred Ground I learned many things about my self, and a way to stand strong in my beliefs and connection with nature and plants as my teachers. I learned to speak of what I need in a productive way using non-violent communication techniques. I learned to sit with plants and feel their teachings through out my body. To have the knowledge to know that what I was feeling is real and to go deep within myself and trust the process. I was grabbed by the tree of life and continue to honor and embrace its teachings and stand tall with dignity and respect"

- Hannah Rizzo