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MW Blog

Time With Our Elders

Phyllis Bala

Sunday, 7 August 2016
Sacred Ground Summer Immersion Field Trip
9 week Medicine Wheel Program

Time With Our Elders

We’ve been enjoying our Medicine Wheel Program Summer Immersion Field Trips so very much and we’re still at it. Everyone is making the progress they need.

Nature is our collective Elders that we’re creating reciprocal relationships with, where ever we go. This Sunday was the first time we haven’t visited an open body of water. But when we arrived at our special destination, we were met with the open arms of an enormous old oak who offered us her deep, peaceful and cool shade.

There was a very old historic water fountain built of volcanic rock, a short walking distance to the East of our tree. There it stood behind a rusting wire fence, a once glorious, beautiful and peaceful place of flow and healing. The rocks seemed so sad, covered in spider webs, dry leaves, bird droppings and twigs. A healthy outcropping of aloes stood unnoticed and high up, towards the back of the once majestic and now defunct water fountain.

We made our humble offerings of ash & sacred waters to the ancient stones. I listened closely to the stone people now neglected and storing old traumas, needing attention and appreciation as all elders would. Libations we poured were of waters we’ve collected throughout our summer journeys to special places where we laid down our prayers.

Energy blockages released from deep within the stones, as we witnessed for them, letting go of invisible pains and sorrows. We asked the stone people to remember once again the days when the songs of water spirits flowed & tumbled down their bodies, enlivening their hearts to balance their element of fire created stones with the cool of once pure water.

With all of our spirits lifted, our Elders fed, celebrated, watered spiritually by libations being poured & memories recalled, we said our farewells to journey home again, with fond memories of another blessed Sunday in the heart of nature in Northern California, co-creating healing with our Great Mother Earth.

Aloha, Phyllis