Welcome to Sacred Ground

577579_455576537857581_471790448_nAt Sacred Ground our passion is helping people experience their heart opening to who they truly are, understanding how to go within to appreciate, explore and bring healing to the nature of one’s inner landscape.Throughout the ancient cultures of the world, people have always known they are part of nature and that nature in all of its simplicity, holds the many secrets to restoring health.  It is our mission to open new doors to ancient worlds of healing that science is just beginning to discover.

In the Spirit of Aloha, we invite you to drop in on Fridays, (except for each 1st Friday) to sign up for your private 30 minutes of deep relaxation, integration and healing.  Our work is done within a beautiful space called the Medicine Wheel.  A sign-up sheet is posted by our front door, so you can choose your personal time slot on any half-hour, from 4 – 6:30 pm, on a first-come first-served basis.  There is no fee; donations of any amount are always appreciated.

During our drop-in Spirit of Aloha Fridays, 2 or 3 practitioners work collaboratively with each individual, from the spiritual principles of our own work.  We are honored to bring you a unique style of holistic work that is surprisingly gentle, given the nature of its depth, within such a short time.  On occasion, information may be given from the perspective of a medical intuitive, Alexander Technique practitioner or doctor of indigenous medicine.  There is no fee or appointment necessary; donations are optional and always appreciated.  For more information about our practitioner backgrounds, please visit our homepage and click on The Crew tab to read more about our areas of expertise.

During the year, we offer introductory classes for the 9 week Medicine Wheel Program.  Individual health & wellness consultations are available by appointment.   We have a well-stocked reference library for community use & there is always a welcoming cup of tea.

Sacred Ground Community Education & Resource Center welcomes your visit, questions and suggestions.  Thank you for spending time reading about us & we all look forward to seeing you soon.

Phyllis, Kiara & Nunutsi

P.S.  Thank you for your patience while I get the calendar together!